About M & M Tennis Services


We provide a complete squash, racquetball and tennis racquet care services - restringing, grommet replacement, grip replacement, racquet customization and everything else related to tennis racquets. We also provide free pickup and delivery of your tennis equipment.

All work is done using professional equipment such as Babolat Star 5, Babolat Sensor Pro and Babolat RDC. All equipment is being calibrated on monthly bases. We have large inventory of strings, racquets etc available.
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Established in 2007.  This Pro Tennis Shop started as a home based business and after 5 years we have a large clientele and lots of positive feedback.  See for yourself, try us.

The Owner

The owner of the shop is a professional tennis player in the past and knows the game of tennis from the inside, not just from stringer's point of view.

Meet the Business Owner

Michael Mikaelyan. 



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(978) 394-0306